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artmoslem kaligrafi dekorasi mesjid
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calligraphy writing services for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Our work and ornamentatif decorative calligraphy on the wall, or mihrob mosque dome and aimed to visualize the divine message. can be applied to the mosque, praying person, praying the office. stage show Islamic.

supported by qualified human resource with a national achievement and won the competition asean kaligrafi.Team often we are the artists Qur' anic calligraphy calligraphy School alumni.

in conceptualizing the design of calligraphy, we refer to certain provisions.

1. The ethical foundation of ethics in Islamic art guided
the quran and hadith.

2. philosophical foundation is that the philosophy of Islamic art symbolizes the depth of
quran meaning of life that became the foundation of the world and the hereafter.

3. aesthetic foundation that is that Islam is synonymous with beauty and cleanliness.

Here are some of the work of our team:
- Mosque Baiturrahman, Jepara, Central Java 2010
- Mosque Housing Police Headquarters, Ciracas 2010
- Mosque Local Government Prov. 2009 West Nusa Tenggara
- Mosque Istiqomah, Rawamangun, East Jakarta 2007
- Decorating the stage MTQ Prov. 2006 East Kalimantan
- Decorating Stage West Java Prov MTQ 2005
- Nurul Huda Mosque, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta 2005
- Masjid Al-Madinah, Pekalongan, Central Java 2005
- Masjid Nurul Muslimin, Medan, North Sumatra 2005
- Mosque PT. Cidas Metalindo, Bogor 2004.
- And others

writing calligraphy with paint acrillyc based latex emulsion directly by hand. processing system with manual ( hand painted) aims to promote accuracy and neatness to produce quality work.

Workmanship after the agreement and the letter of instruction to work. with payment of 50% at the beginning and the other 50% upon completion.

Four stages of processing:
- Submission of proposals
- Writing Media Measurement
- Manufacture & application design
- The execution Decorations

Decorate mosques and buildings with Islamic calligraphy is a part of worship at the same time preserving the art of Islamic calligraphy.

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